Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hello!!! So sorry for being away for so long. I've been quite busy testing my baking skills and now I decided to put it into good use. I created a Facebook page for my business and it is called VANILLA PLATTER

My house of baked goodies caters mainly to Lucenahins' sweet tooth because my products are perishable. But since my sister stays and works in Manila, Manilenyos can get a chance to taste them. We do meet ups for faster delivery (and its more affordable too!).

So far, I am still collecting feedback from my customers. I am open to suggestions for my products' improvement.

My version of chewy chocolate chips cookies are selling steadily!!!

I love the feeling that my sweets reaches out to the child within and creates wonderful memories specially if shared with love ones. I think that is the reason why they are called comfort foods. :)

So guys and gals, I'll rest for now. I still need to bake a fresh batch of cookies tomorrow.  Tatah!!!

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